Bath Loofahs

We offer you a deep cleaning effect with our bath wash-clothes made of natural loofah. Our loofahs are very simple to use. We have many different types of products; from the glove loofah that can be worn like a regular glove and provides ease of use to face pad loofah that cleans all the dirt and make-up residues accumulated on the face.

In addition, with our fish-shaped Kids' Fish Loofah which does not irritate the skin, children will love to take a bath and scrub!

Bath Towel Loofah

Glove Loofah

Face Pad Loofah

Face Pad Loofah (3-Pack)

Kids' Fish Loofah

Slice Bath Loofah


  • It is a good exfoliating tool; removes dead skins.
  • When applied to the body, it helps to prevent cellulite skin structure.
  • When applied to the face, it is good for acne and blackheads.
  • When applied to the body by massaging, it accelerates blood circulation.
  • It helps to remove the dead skin layer that remains on our face, such as acne scars.
  • It helps to solve the ingrown hair problem.
  • Natural loofah is one of the most preferred natural peeling methods with both its price and effect.
  • Our products are produced from 100% natural material. It does not contain any additives.


  • Before using it, dampen it with warm water and wait for 1-2 minutes. It will soften a little. Lather with natural soap and scrub your whole body by massaging. Especially, if you have complaints such as cellulite, ingrown hair and problems such as cracks and dryness in the heel of the feet, you should massage these areas for a longer time.
  • After showering, moisten those areas with moisturizing cream or vegetable oils.
  • After each use, wash with plenty of water and store in a clean and dry place. It should never stay wet. Depending on the frequency of use, the product should be renewed preferably every 2-3 months.