Bath Bombs

The bath ball, or bath bomb, creates a new trend all over the world, making your bathing pleasure more enjoyable. Ball-shaped bath bombs give their color to the water when thrown into the water, also create a relaxing effect thanks to the rich minerals they contain.

Bubblegum Bath Bomb

Daisy Bath Bomb

Eucalyptus Bath Bomb

Lavender Bath Bomb

Ocean Bath Bomb

White Rose Bath Bomb


  • The carefully prepared The Soap Factory Bath Bombs are 100% handmade.
  • The bath bomb creates a magnificent feeling in the bathroom that you will be walking on the air.
  • Sea salt and carbonate in its content provide a deep cleaning with the peeling effect it creates on the skin.
  • It softens the thickened skin structure and gives the skin a baby-soft appearance.
  • Nourishing vegetable oils provide a real care for the skin without drying it out.
  • Choose your bomb according to your mood. E.g; for a tropical atmosphere, you can opt for the refreshing mimosa flower and the ocean bath bomb with sea breezes.
  • Daisy Bath Bomb is the right choice for relaxing and repairing damaged skin. Use before you go to sleep, so you sleep like a baby all night!
  • Choose the eucalyptus bath bomb that will energize and revitalize you with its mind-stimulating effect to relieve your tiredness.
  • Need dopamine and serotonin? So, choose none other than our White Rose Bath Bomb! The aroma of the white rose that will lift your mood will make you forget about all your troubles.
  • If you are nervous and stressed, the bath bomb that will be good for you will be our Lavender Bath Bomb. The wonderful aroma of lavender will help you relax and relieve all your stress.
  • Bubblegum Bath Bomb will make children and adolescents love taking bath with its aroma suitable for their mood and will make them spend the rest of the day happily.


  • Fill the tub with hot water.
  • Throw any kind of bath bomb you want into the water, enter the tub without waiting for it to melt.
  • You can spend 10-30 minutes in the bathtub according to your pleasure.
  • Do not forget to rub your whole body with this water.
  • Rinse with warm water and get out of the water.
  • It is for external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • It is not a medicine.
  • Test on a small area of ​​your skin for any allergic reaction before use. If you experience an allergic reaction or unexpected effect, discontinue use immediately. Consult a doctor if necessary.